Peanut Butter and Jelly is all about hands-on learning.  What better way to do that than with field trips.  PB&J co-op goes on several field trips per semester and we want you to be a part of the adventure.  If committing to a co-op is a little much, but you want more than just social meet ups see what we have to offer with field trips.  There is $25 per semester (Jan-April, May-July, Aug-Dec) per family.  This fee is non refundable.  Peanut Butter and Jelly takes care of the planning, organizing, collecting of money and reminders.  You are invited to a private communication app (BAND) for all updates.  This does not include the cost of field trips.   

PB&J Field Trips is associated with PB&J co-op and for the privacy of our families will not be posting the dates or meet up of any up coming field trips.  PB&J will happily post past field trips to share in the fun we are having and if you are interested in more information PB&J is always happy to answer questions even share an upcoming field trip to see if you are interested.   Please reach out to

PB&J  plans field trips in and around the Louisville area.  We will travel as far Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, and even St. Louis.  The trips that PB&J plans are based on the vision of the the PB&J co-op, hands-on project based learning.  Although our age range is from 6-15 there may be a field trip or two that is for 7 and up. 

To register: 

PB&J will send VENMO request and email confirmation with private BAND invite.  



Climb Nulu


Shiner's Circus

Indiana Caverns 

Foam Warriorz

Clarksville Strike n Spare 

The Little Loom House

Idlewild Butterfly Farm

Living Art and Science Center 

Jefferson Memorial Forest-Archery 

Louisville Water Tower Park 

KY Downunder


Indiana Caverns

Champs Roller Skating

Big 4 Bridge and Stop at Schimpff's

Newton's Attic

Creasey Mahan 

Mulberry Orchard

 Squire Boone


 Bernheim-Creek Study 

 Jefferson Memorial Forest- Survival Class

Lexington Children's Theatre-Best Christmas Pageant Ever

KY Railway Museum 

Reindeer Farms

Iceland Sports Complex

Louisville Ballet Nutcracker 

Field Trip FAQs

1.Certain field trips require a minimum number of participants to be booked. If we do not receive enough participants for these trips, they will be canceled or rescheduled. We will indicate which field trips have this requirement on the Band app.

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