PB&J Co-op Handbook

Organizational Operation

Mission Statement

Peanut Butter and Jelly Co-op (PB&J) is a secular, inclusive homeschool group who gather together to create a community of friendships and support home education in the form of hands-on, project based learning in a relaxed environment. 


Peanut Butter and Jelly Co-op (PB&J) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or any other basis of discrimination. 

Organization Structure

Peanut Butter and Jelly Co-op (PB&J) is incorporated as an LLC in the state of Kentucky.   As an LLC, we work hard to keep membership costs low.  We are trying to only charge for insurance and rental space.  Donations are appreciated. 

Registration and Membership Fees


All current and new families attending PB&J co-op must register each semester.  PB&J co-op runs on a two semester system, Fall and Winter/Spring.  Each semester runs 15 weeks long.  PB&J also believes in taking learning outside with field trips.     Registration fee is to cover the cost of insurance and space rental if any.  Supply fee is per child.   Cost per semester can change but we are trying to keep cost low.  Cost of field trips are not included in registration and optional per family.  

PB&J co-op is currently taking families with children ages 6-15.  If you have a sibling younger than 6 they are welcome but then they are the responsibility of the parent.  They still pay supply fee so we make sure they will get to participate in activities but we are not a Day Care.  

Registration may close if we reach capacity limits.  We currently do not have a hard number, but it will be based on available resources and meeting location.  Our returning families will be prioritized for registration.  However, six weeks prior to semester starting we will close registration whether we hit our capacity or not.  The Board needs time to finalize lessons, place supplies orders and finish back end planning.  We will be happy to add you to the waitlist for the following semester.  The  Board can make the call that a family is not the right fit for PB&J based on participation, absences, or not adhering to the guidelines stated in the Handbook.  


  As a PB&J member, supplies cost $30 per child for each semester. This covers all supplies needed for each class including food for cooking, paper for printing projects done by the board.  Pot Luck Days, Birthday treats, fees for optional projects are not included. 

We do take donations with unwanted craft supplies, have an amazon wish list for larger projects PB&J wishes to accomplish and a gofundme page if you wish to make a monetary donation to help PB&J. (PB&J AMAZON WISH LIST, PB&J co-op GOFUNDME)

 Membership Fees

Registration occurs two times per year and families register for each semester (Fall and Winter/Spring) separately.   Notices of registration dates and specific information for registration will be sent out via email to returning families and posted on FB groups to gather new families.

Registration priority is given to families in the following order:

Board of Directors

Returning co-op families in good standing

Families on the PB&J Field Trip Group

Per Family $80 for registration. Supply fee is an additional $30 per Child due at time of Registration fee.

Membership fees cover operating expenses including facility rental and general liability insurance.  Fees are subject to increase.  

All membership fees must be paid in full six weeks prior to the start of semester starting.   

No refunds will be made. 

Each member's prompt payment is vital as we run our co-op on a lean budget.

Where and When We Meet

We will meet on Thursdays currently at the Sun Valley Community Center (6505 Bethany Ln, Valley Station, KY 40272).    

Field Trips will be paid for ahead of time through VENMO.  PB&J will send out the request including processing fee.   Payment is due two weeks prior to the field trip unless otherwise specified.  To ensure we get the best rate PB&J asks that you pay ahead of time.  All field trips are optional. 

Families should plan to arrive by 10:15 am.  We are not a drop off.  Parents are required to stay and participate (see Roles and Responsibilities).  Enrichment classes will start at 10:30.  Lunch is at 11:30 to 12:25 with co-op time.  Co-op time is a time to play outside or play inside depending on the weather.    This is a time for the kids to play unstructured with parent supervision. PB&J is a hands-on, project based learning co-op with structured activities planned out by our leadership team.  From 12:30 to 1:30 our kiddos will be involved in electives. These will change per semester.    Dismissal is from 2:30 to 3pm based on when clean up is done. 


Please communicate on BAND two days before if you will not be attending class.  PB&J co-op starts at 10:30 and runs to 2:30.  PB&J asks that you arrive by 10:15.  We do want to start on time and do not want to be waiting on friends, please communicate if you are running late, but tardiness beyond 15 minutes is disruptive and counts as a no-show to class for the day. 

Our activities are planned to run until 2:30 with clean up after.  Please plan on attending PB&J co-op for the full amount of time.  Leaving early causes a disruption. 

PB&J is one day a week not including Field Trips.  We ask that you and your family make a commitment to PB&J as we are making to your family. Please communicate if you will be missing a portion of the semester due to vacation.  PB&J is not just hands-on for our kiddos, but also hand-ons for our parents.  We ask that the parents participate in leading the activities.  Missing more than 3 classes in a 15 week semester may mean that the commitment to PB&J co-op is not the right fit for your family. 




Peanut Butter and Jelly Co-op (PB&J) offers STEAM, Art, and elective related activities.  While we want our kids to feel comfortable and make friends in their age group we understand as homeschoolers, age is a number.  PB&J wants our kids to fit in based on maturity and skill level.  PB&J have found that all ages work best together.   


PB&J co-op is volunteer based.  No one is getting paid for the job they are doing. PB&J co-op understands not everyone can or wants to teach.  PB&J has plenty of jobs for every parent.  As I always say, it is not my co-op, it is our co-op.  PB&J will have an expectation that parents will check in with the leadership team at the beginning of class to see what lesson they are assisting with.  PB&J fills the day with hands-on, project based learning in Art, electives, and STEM activities in a wide variety of ways.  To accomplish this, we need parent support.  

Expectations of Parents

Sick Policy

Your family's health and the health of my family is important.  PB&J understands that childhood is a time of strengthening immune systems and common cold symptoms are present quite frequently.  As parents, we ask you to use your best judgment to determine whether to stay home, but please review some guidelines. 


We follow all current CDC guidelines for COVID.  We understand that some parents may also wish to take additional precautions and welcome that.  Regardless of your feelings we ask that you be respectful of others.  Current CDC guidelines can be found below.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are real and we completely understand that.  We will be eating lunch and kids snacks.  To prevent this, please talk with your child about not sharing lunches.

We will celebrate birthdays on the 2nd or 3rd class of each month and ask that parents volunteer to bring snacks in to share.  They can be homemade or store bought.   

Conflict, Discipline, Anti-Bullying, Safety Guidelines


We understand that at some point the inevitable will happen, personalities will collide,  a misunderstanding will happen, or emotions will run high.  We are human dealing with Homeschool kids that are homeschooled for a reason,  Let's start by removing the tension and listening.  There is not one bad kid here at PB&J co-op.  My goal is never to ask a family to leave, if the co-op is not right for you the choice is yours, but I want conflict to be resolved in the most respectful way.  

Please find time to address the issue at hand with the parent and child.  If this means leaving class for a short time to talk, please do so.  PB&J does not want to get involved, but wants to know if the situation affects the co-op in general.  We are here as friends, growing a community.  If you are unsure how to handle a situation and need guidance from PB&J please address it with a Board member.  Our kids come first.   

Child Conduct

At Peanut Butter and Jelly Co-op keeping kids busy with hands-on project based learning while developing friendships is the best way to enjoy their time.  With that being said, some may need a little guidance from time to time since we are homeschoolers that are not used to being in a daily setting with structure and others around them.  Please review with your child what is expected of them while they are in the PB&J co-op environment. 


We are part of a co-op for a reason.  We are building a community and asking a "Village"  We are here to help guide our kids if we see situations take place.  Best way is to talk out a situation.  Hear what the child is feeling.  Hear both sides of the story.  

    ● Child(ren) will be guided in the right direction from the group leader

All members are required to abide by all policies in the PB&J Handbook. Failure to comply with policies will result in a membership review by the Board of Directors. This may result in the loss of membership.

Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s actions and behavior.


PB&J co-op is committed to a safe environment for all students and parents, free from harassment, intimidation, peer victimization or aggression, bullying, or retaliation against a member of the co-op who reports acts of bullying.  "Harassment, intimidation, peer victimization or aggression, bullying or retaliation" means any written, verbal or physical act against a named or unnamed member of PB&J, when any such act does or my:

Please take time to discuss with your family that they should not put up with bullying.  We are a safe place.  We are all different and different is what makes us PB&J.  With that being said please also inform your family that while we make friends through this journey not to be overly sensitive to perceived slights.  Once the charge of bullying has been brought to the table we can not take it back.  

Safety guidelines


BAND will be the primary means of communication.  Members are responsible for checking in on BAND on a regular basis to receive important news related to PB&J co-op.  Pertinent information will be added to the event date for each class  Parents are responsible for making sure their child has the correct supplies for each class unless they have opted to have PB&J co-op supply materials for the semester. .  

Board of Director  

Jessica Rogers

Kelli Bristol

Adria Backer

Becky Conway

For questions regarding Peanut Butter and Jelly Homeschool or Peanut and Jelly Co-op please reach out to peanutbutterandjellyhomeschool@gmail.com

EIN 88-4369642